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Online gambling in New Zealand?

New Zealand has a unique reputation in the touristy world and if you are deciding to visit the country, there is a lot that you can explore in the country. From its breath-taking landscape to the elegant food, the nation will never disappoint you. Apart from that, if you are a fan of gambling then you need to go nowhere else as New Zealand has its share of casinos in the country. There are 5 casinos in the country with each city having one casino. However, certain restrictions are there regarding online gambling.

Online Casinos:

Compared to the online casino, land-based casinos are allowed to operate from the country and are regulated by the Gambling Act of 2003. Every casino has to have a license to carry out its business. However, no online casino can operate from the country, but the legal definition falls into ambiguity where you can still wager on various online casinos that are not operated from the borders of the country. Many of the casinos accept New Zealand Dollars as a tender in terms of deposits and withdrawals.

Online Casinos

Online poker:

Poker is one of the most popular games that is played in the country and there is an exception to the online poker that is offered in the country. The gaming commission looks after the remote gambling affairs and enforces the rules whenever it’s necessary.


The casinos that are operating in the country are to follow the law and come under the Department of Internal affairs. The commission has the legal authority to revoke licenses, grant, and set the rules of conduct. However, there have been new amendments made to the Gambling Act of 2003. This has been brought to bring more accountability to the activity.



There are various other obligations that the casino houses have to adhere to. They are required to return a sum of their income to the community in form of investments and developments. In case of addiction, the house has to inform the player about the possible steps that they can take and help them get adequate help. Apart from that, the rules are to be followed strictly and in case there is a violation, it can result in revocation of the license.


One of the best things about gambling in New Zealand is that you get to gamble and keep your winnings to yourself. However, there have been cases where the gamblers had to go through a little hassle to get their winnings, but in most of the cases, the winnings are tax-free. This is because the country doesn’t consider gambling an income but recreational. Unlike Australia where you have to declare the winnings as recreational, in New Zealand you can simply take the money home. Even though the online casinos are prohibited, but you can still wager your money on the online casino that is not operating from the country.

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